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Kangkung (indonesianfood)

I often cook this vegetable because it is cheap and actually i am student and live far from home that's why i have to smart to keep my money haha lol

okay let me tell you how to cook kangkung easly

1. Wash the kangkung first and cut it for some part. cut only the leaves and cut the top leaf
2. Cut three garlic and two onions. if you put too much onions it will make the taste bitter. if you like spicy you can add chili too.
3. Hit up oil. Put the seasoning into a pan  and wait untill smell good after that you can add the kangkung to the pan too 
4. add salt, sugar and soy sauce and little water to keep stable and will not burn.  
5. Sautte it for a few minutes. the sign is, the kangkung is wilted and taste good
6. finally, the food is ready to eat

Neni Virginia
Neni Virginia Just a student not blogger. Thanks for visit my page, dan jangan lupa subscribes. BIG THANKS!

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